Billl Cosby – A Proper Analysis

4 Mar

Bill Cosby Seth: Bill Cosby. Of course sooner or later we would get to this subject, so here we go. This is actually a tough one, because Mr. Cosby says a lot of things in a lot of places, and I don’t want my words to be taken as a blanket defense of the man. Instead, I think it’s important to have a general understanding of what his motives and objectives are.

A lot of the criticism for Mr. Cosby comes from his outspoken critique of the Black community. People feel he’s trashing his own, and “putting family business in the streets.” I don’t agree with those characterizations. Truth be told, I agree with what the man says. Sure sometimes he seems a little off target, but the core of his message is on point. He tells us to be responsible, to be educated, take care of our families, and work for better lives. He harkens back to a day where “embarrassing your family” meant something. Where people had pride in themselves and in their communities.

To be blunt, the man is right. Black men aren’t fathers to their children. Many of those that are around don’t have the common sense to raise their children right. Lots of folks are more more concerned with sneakers than education. There isn’t the same sense of pride in the Black community that would have people cleaning their sidewalks and steps on Saturday mornings like we used to. People don’t even bother to shovel their sidewalks anymore, let alone put out the trash on the right day. This stuff may seem small, but put together, it signals a tremendous shift in priorities.

“Parenting needs to come to the forefront. If you need help and you don’t know how to parent, we want to be able to reach out and touch” -Bill Cosby

“I’m talking about these people who cry when their son is standing there in an orange suit. Where were you when he was two? Where were you when he was twelve? Where were you when he was eighteen, and how come you don’t know he had a pistol?” -Bill Cosby

There are people that think Mr. Cosby is out of touch with the Black community and the new generation. There are those that say he is crazy and making a lot of noise for no good reason. If you can tell me this man is crazy and doing more harm than good, then maybe I am missing something. If he is a Black elitist putting down working-class Blacks, then I am missing something. If you believe he is wrong, then God help us.

Ray: According to a recent CNN article, 1 out 9 Black men is in jail. That’s 1 out of 9! I think every Black person should feel outraged about this. However, the outrage should be directed primarily at the root of the cause for this statistic: the Black community itself. In this regard, I am totally in agreement with Bill Cosby.

When he spoke of the “dirty laundry” that gets out of school in the afternoon everyday, it offended many Black parents. But he’s right. Of course not ALL Black children are “dirty laundry”, but too many are and I think that’s the point he was trying to make. Parents need to be more responsible in regards to the behavior of their children.

Here are some stats according to the Joint Economic Committee hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC:

  • 7 out of 10 African-American children are born out of wedlock
  • An estimated 40% of Black men drop-out of High School
  • 72% of the Black male High School drop-outs are jobless
  • 60% of jobless Black men end up incarcerated

With statistics like these, there’s no wonder why so many Blacks suffer in this society the way they do. Bill Cosby is merely pointing out the facts that the Black community is ignorant of or simply chooses to ignore. In fact, Bill Cosby, myself, and many other people of all nationalities are part of a growing faction that thinks enough is enough with the plight of the Black community.

The solutions have to come from every individual who cares to make a difference. By starting with the man or woman in the mirror, we will see a greater change in the Black community than can be implemented by any political body. When we as a nation decide to value the education of every child, then we can take one step closer to decreasing drop-out rates. When Black men choose to value Black women like the strong mothers and queens of the household that they really are, then maybe we will see a decrease in children born into wedlock and raised by a single parent. When more Black people not only go to church, but adhere to the word of God the way generations have done before us, then maybe our youth will value life, the sanctity of marriage, and the value of hard work without instant gratification.

Bill Cosby didn’t stress political change, he stressed a personal change. He wants us to literally see what we have done with the opportunities that were given to us based on the sacrifices of his great generation. He doesn’t want us to waste the chance to get an education and take jobs that our grand-parents could never dream of. He doesn’t want our men to waste in jail and make our woman play the role of mother and father all while maintaining an income. He doesn’t want us to let our children be raised by the television and other media that poisons the developing minds of a brilliant youth.

If this were not so, then he wouldn’t speak out against the injustices that we inflict upon ourselves. He wouldn’t donate millions of dollars to scholarship funds so that minorities can afford to go to colleges and Universities around the country. He wouldn’t continue in his efforts despite the attacks from other black “leaders” who seek to destroy the messenger instead of address the issues.

Bill Cosby has always been a major inspiration and role model to me. He’s the biggest reason why I chose to go to Temple University and graduate with a degree in Business. He is an American treasure and people everywhere should be glad that he cares so much about the destruction of the Black culture. We clearly see the resulting devastation.

When considering the actions of Mr. Cosby, I think it’s important that every individual asks them self the following question: If Bill Cosby didn’t speak out against the behavior of certain Black people, then who would have? Would you?

A brief History of William Henry Cosby Junior:

  • Born on July 12, 1937 in Philadelphia, PA
  • In 1956, he left High School to join the US Navy
  • In 1961, he enrolled at Temple University
  • Cosby left Temple University during his sophomore year to pursue a career as a comedian and shortly afterwards made an acclaimed appearance on The Tonight Show
  • In 1965, he landed a major for in the television show I Spy
  • Perhaps most famous for his role as Cliff Huxtable on The Cosby Show which ran from Sept. 20, 1984 to April 30, 1992
  • Produced a host of other popular tv shows, including A Different World which was based on the college education of young Black adults
  • Bill Cosby eventually earned his BA from Temple University and an MA in 1972 along with a PHD in education from the University of Massachusetts in 1977
  • In 2002, he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Bush and received the Hall of Fame award at the 38th Annual NAACP Image Awards in 2007
  • Bill Cosby has been married to his wife Camille Hanks for 44 years and had 5 children. His only son Ennis, murdered in Los Angeles in 1997

3 Responses to “Billl Cosby – A Proper Analysis”

  1. Jon March 20, 2008 at 5:13 pm #

    This is a fantastic website you have here, guys. And I think you’re 100% correct in regards to Bill Cosby. In fact I was just talking to my mother this morning about this exact same issue. I’ve always been a fan of Bill Cosby and I think he speaks the truth. Black people need to look themselves in the mirror and rediscover what it means to have a sense of community, a sense of ethics, a sense of honest work and NOT just a sense of entitlement.

  2. Arthur Robinson February 28, 2014 at 9:57 am #

    I don’t know rather to slap Bill for his opinions or to slap myself for agreement with the many insights he has concerning the African American Community. We are but festering sores at this point in history. But, we have not always been so. As our community gravitated towards equality, through integration, our values got lost in the shovel. One can’t assimilate too another culture without devaluing your own. It is the devaluation, in order to obtain a more perfect alignment of assimilation that has caused us to lose focus, not the other way around. At the beginning (1968) of the African American’s Middle class migration to the suburbs; the incarceration rate for African Americans were less then that of Caucasian Americans. There were more drugs and crime in the Caucasian communities then in the African American Communities. Increased crime levels and incarceration levels in the African American Communities did not appreciate, above that in Caucasian communities until the late 70’s (1978) and the increase was gradual. Socioeconomic; infrastructural and academic decline in the African American Community directly correlates to the mass exodus of achieving African Americans (middle class) exodus; not as being alleged, due to an increase in Caucasian Racism or the lack of initiatives of African Americans that remained. This exodus provide the catalyst for white supremacy and African American Inferiority. Many middle class African Americans will contributed their exodus to the crime or drugs in the African American Community but incarceration data and crime data does not give this argument validity. In many respects, in every respect this exodus of the middle class crippled the community academically, economically and spiritually. This exodus served to authenticate that one could not be Black, successful, entrepreneurial or progressive living in the African American Community. Many of the social schism facing the African American Community can be traced as a direct dependent of this ideology of Black Inferiority amongst the African American middle class. Mr. Crosby wishes to escape this truth and their contribution, but available data substantiates this as a premiss. Moving on up to the East-side left the South side without the resources necessary in every culture to impact the bottom line and provide the incentive for economic, political and social guidance. The next time that Mr. Crosby and his constituents parade their disparaging rhetoric and proclaim their self righteous climb to the top. It would serve them to remember that they got their because of the African Americans that were bitten by dogs, hanged from trees, beaten and hosed and not by their pretentious arrogance.

  3. Harris August 4, 2014 at 2:39 am #

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