Let’s Talk About Family

24 Mar


Seth: Across the nation, families gathered together to celebrate Easter yesterday. I was able to spend time with family that I don’t see as often as I did while I was in college, including my 4-month old nephew. Not everyone was there, but we enjoyed each other and great food regardless.

I can honestly say that I am proud of myself: where I am and where I’m going. And I know that this is only possible because of my family. Throughout my lifetime, my family has supported me, encouraged and pushed me to excel in life. They’ve shared in my achievements, and chastised me when necessary. As a single mother, my mom worked very hard to give me the best chances for success that she could, but she wasn’t alone.

I credit my paternal grandparents for allowing me to have a solid foundation in Christ, without whom nothing is possible. My aunts and uncles also supported me immensely, and my maternal grandparents (in whose house I was raised) were as important in my life as anyone. I can even say that my father, who was barely a part of my life made an impact on me by showing what father hood is not.

I write all this to say that the presence or absence of family in your life is what makes you who you are. The collective stories of generations past are continued in your own narrative, and we owe our ancestors for what they’ve provided us. Take a moment – a serious moment – to recall that which you are made of, and where you come from. And in this moment, also think about the legacy you want to leave behind for your family and evaluate if you are making progress towards that.

For more on our legacy, check out The Great Debaters. Definitely a must-see.


Ray: But don’t take our word for it…

“Understand me ya’ll. Be good to your families ya’ll. No matter where your families are. Cuz everybody needs family ya’ll. So be good to your families ya’ll.” – Mos Def

“Families are like fudge; mostly sweet with a few nuts.” – Unknown

“The happiest moments of my life have been the few which I have passed at home in the bosom of my family.” – Thomas Jefferson

“Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family in another city.” – George Burns

“Family is just accident… They don’t mean to get on your nerves. They don’t even mean to be your family, they just are.” – Marsha Norman

“Other things may change us, but we start and end with the family.” – Anthony Brandt

“At the end of the day, a loving family should find everything forgivable.” – Mark V. Olsen and Will Sheffer

“A baby is God’s opinion that the world should go on.” – Carl Sandburg

“To put the world in order, we must first put the nation in order; to put the nation in order, we must first put the family in order; to put the family in order, we must first cultivate our personal life; we must first set our hearts right.” – Confucius

“Families are the compass that guide us. They are the inspiration to reach great heights, and our comfort when we occasionally falter.” – Brad Henry


One Response to “Let’s Talk About Family”

  1. Candace March 24, 2008 at 8:33 pm #

    Family is so crucial for any and every lesson they can teach you. I think I gained a greater appreciation for my family at my family’s reunion in Summer 2007. This year the organizers compiled a documentary of my 85-year old grandfather and his living siblings talking about living through the Great Depression, World War II, and essentially life as a Black family in the South. It was very moving to hear about their struggles and triumphs that have allowed my family to excel today. They inspire me. They encourage me to be everything that they could never imagine.

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