It’s Still Never Ok to Hit Women!

1 Apr

Seth and Ray Converse:

Ray: Why is it that guys can’t hit girls?

Seth: Why is it that girls can hit guys?

Ray: Is that your answer?

Seth: The tone of your intial question suggests that girls can hit guys but that isn’t acceptable either. I think it is the same reason a white person can’t call a black man “boy”. There’s history there.

Women have only recently begun to be accepted as equal members of society. However, they are percieved as weaker, generally needing men to protect them and are defenseless against men.

Ray: Hmmmmmm. Watch this.

Warning: This video contains violence and profanity.


One Response to “It’s Still Never Ok to Hit Women!”

  1. m dot April 4, 2008 at 5:52 am #

    that was OUT of control. i can’t believe i watched the whole thing. i’m all about the non-violence, non-violence. however, i think females really press and act a fool because the EXPECTATION is that a man would not physically attack knowing what’s at stake and the accepted cultural behavior of men and women. i think women shout to be equals, but hold on to the safety net of historically set precedent that includes the notion they are delicate, fragile, inferior and need protection. it’s tough to have it both ways…

    if i ever in my life decked a man like that, i’d expect to get knocked right back in the jaw. straight up. but then again, i AM a woman and under no circumstance would allow myself to be in that insane situation. that was OUT of control.

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