In Remembrance – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

4 Apr

Forty years ago today, Martin Luther King was assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee. Listen to this first hand account of this infamous moment in history.

Now listen to entertainer and human rights activist Harry Belafonte tell a funny story about Dr. King’s appearance on the Tonight Show.

There’s so much to say about Dr. King, and the entire movement. This morning on C-Span, Bill Press spoke about the Conservative movement, but also pointed to the deaths of Dr. King and Bobby Kennedy as the end of the liberal movement. One of Dr. King’s lawyers and speechwriters, recently published a book, What Would Martin Say in which he for the first time reveals his observations as a movement insider and gives incredible insights here:

This being forty years following the assassination, there have been a multitude of ceremonies, TV specials, newspaper/magazine articles and more. Check them out, you will surely learn something new.


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