The Path to Maturity

7 Apr

Ray: Although I imagine that the readers of this blog vary in age, gender, and ethnicity, there is no doubt that we all have many things in common. Primarily, we were all born, we all live, we all pay taxes, and at some point our lives will come to an end.

Between the time when we are born and the time we will die, we experience life. We grow from being children to becoming adults. As adults, we are responsible for the decisions we make. In fact, you are where you are today because of every single decision you’ve made in your life thus far.

Taking responsibility for your own actions is one the highest signs of maturity in the adult life. This is not always easy for people to do, but it is necessary in order to develop the traits needed to fulfill one’s potential.

No matter what phase of life you are in, there is always a chance for each individual to mature. Think of the maturation process as a purifying method for one’s life. Here are a few things that each of us can do in order to help this process along:

1. Be honest with yourself and accept responsibility for your actions – It’s not your country, the economy, your job, or anybody you know, it’s YOU. You are the reason for your success and failures. Even if someone has caused you harm, your reactions to it are solely your responsibility and the power to change your future is in your mind.

2. Break all of the bad habits – No more excuses or justifications. If you have habits or people in your life who are preventing you from reaching your potential, then you need to break away from them. Bad habits can cause serious health issues, strain relationships, or keep you form preparing for life’s next challenges. The best time to stop the bad habits is now.

3. Define the ideal YOU – This is a crucial step because it will serve as a guide in your decision making process. Imagine where you want to be in 5 years and in 10 years. Think about it until you become comfortable with your vision for the future. And don’t sell yourself short. Aim to become the best person that you can possibly become.

4. Find a mentor or a role model – We all learn from someone. Our philosophy about life is shaped by others rather we acknowledge it or not. Therefore, it would behoove us all to find exemplary personalities to emulate. Learn from those who have achieved the type of success that you want for yourself. You can learn by developing personal relationships, or you can read about about successful people. I recommend both.

5. Look for the lessons – By looking to the past, we are given the opportunity to learn from our mistakes and find blueprints that have lead to success. Not only do we learn from our own lives, but it’s also important to learn from the lives of others. We don’t have to keep making the same mistakes that were made in the past. Learn from your experiences and let success be your guide.

My great-grandmother used to tell me, “Keep on living, and it’ll happen to you too.” That was her way of explaining to me that we will all experience very similar moments in life. The differences in outcome depend upon how we react to these moments.


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