Big Dreams

15 Apr

Ray: You may say that I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. Therefore, I think it’s necessary that I write something to encourage those who dare to have big dreams. I’m talking about those dreams that most people say could never happen because somehow, you’re not capable of making it happen. They just don’t understand.

There are millions of people through out history who have had big dreams and made them come true. Those people created new forms of governments, designed irrigation systems, built pyramids, studied the laws of the universe, invented automobiles, flew around the world in single engine airplanes, walked on the moon, led revolutions against injustice, and accomplished so many other things. It’s enough to say that our everyday lives are shaped by the dreams of those who dared to achieve greatness.

A dream can take a boy out of the housing projects and put him behind the CEO’s desk of a billion dollar company. A dream can give a scientist the inspiration he needs to create a formula that will allow poor nations to develop agriculture in barren lands. A dream will give a writer a story that inspires billions of people around the world to believe in world peace. Dreams give us a picture of a destination that we fight to get to every day.

As a dreamer, you will deal with pessimism on a daily basis. Someone will always have a reason of why you can’t make your dreams a reality. But as Seth would say, “Their words are not the words of God.” Let them talk, but don’t ever lose focus of your dreams.

As I have grown in my understanding of life, I have developed a mentality that allows me use every circumstance as fuel to keep pushing towards my dreams. When something good happens, I take it as a sign that I’m on the right track and I need to keep going. When something bad happens, I use it as motivation to change my situation which leads me to keep pushing towards my dreams. If someone supports me and believes in me, I love that and I hope those people understand that their encouragement gives me strength to continue. If someone doesn’t support me and doesn’t believe in me, I hope those people know that I look forward to the day when they see me on top. Not out of resentment, but as proof that my faith in God’s plans for me can not and will not ever be shaken by anyone on this planet.

A dream isn’t about the world you live in today, it’s about the possibilities of your world tomorrow. Everyone has dreams, but only a few actually believe that those dreams can come true. Of those people, only a few will possess the work ethic and determination to make those dreams a reality. If you’re one of those people, then the world is yours for the taking. If not, then don’t discourage the person who dares to dream. Our future depends on them.


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