Kobe Bryant – Leage MVP. Respect.

18 Apr

Ray: There is no video clip on the planet long enough to capture all of the brilliance that is Kobe Bryant. However, this is his year and it’s about time. After being robbed of the MVP award over the last several seasons, he can finally add this accomplishment to his growing list of reasons why he’s the GOAT. Let the haters hate, but deep down inside you know… Aint nobody messin with the boy.

2008 Recap:

2007-08 Statistics:

  • 28.3 Points Per Game
  • 5.4 Assists Per Game
  • 6.3 Rebounds Per Game
  • 45% Field Goal Percentage
  • 36% From the 3-Point Line
  • 84% Free Throws
  • Lead the Lakers to a 57-25 Record for 1st Place in the Western Conference

2 Responses to “Kobe Bryant – Leage MVP. Respect.”

  1. seth April 21, 2008 at 8:31 am #

    Let it be known that there is but 1 Lakers/Kobe fan writing on this blog. The East coast faction supports the Philadephia 76ers. And by the way, one of the greatest recent sports memories here were the 2001 playoffs in which we reached the Finals against Ray’s Lakers. We lost, but won a stunning game 1. Ray will spin this and say “we won, you suck” but we still hold on to the fact that during that post-season run, the Lakers lost only one game. To us. And yesterday, MY Sixers won their first ever post-season game in Detroit. As you can see, we hold on to the small things here in Philly.

  2. Ray April 21, 2008 at 9:39 am #

    First of all, if you guys held on the small things then you’d still have Iverson. Second, how depressing is it that you would settle for the small things in Philly? Obviously, LA has greater expectations because we know that we are capable of always being the best. Nobody remembers Losers, but Kobe and and Lakers are legendary. I rest my case.

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