Reaction to PA Primary

23 Apr

Seth: Hillary did it, she won the Pennsylvania Primary. I’m slightly disappointed, but not surprised. I am not incredibly disappointed because her win was expected. I am disappointed however, because this win allows her and her supporters to believe in a strong possibility that she can still win the nomination. It is going to be a tough fight, and that’s why I agreed with Ray concerning Rev. Wright. The prospect however, of a Hillary win is troubling for me, and it is not because I oppose her.

One of the pundits on CNN last night remarked that as the campaign goes on, there is a growing number of Senator Clinton’s supporters that are saying if she doesn’t win the nomination, they won’t support Senator Obama. They also contemplated the possibility that this extended primary season is tearing apart the party. I disagree with both points. In regards to the latter point, every Democratic contest has seen an uncharacteristic surge in participation. As the show rolls to each state, more and more people want to be involved with the process; this is a good thing. Furthermore, Democratic voter registrations are up considerably across the country. This is also good for the party. In regards to the former observation, I hold the belief that no matter the nominee, most Democrats will wise up and go to the polls on the first Tuesday in November. But I am not sure I fit into that category.

Politics are personal to many, and my choice of a candidate and support for Senator Obama are both very personal. It is hard for me to envision a scenario in which Senator Clinton wins legitimately. The problem is, her supporters think she is catching up to Obama and will pass him either in delegates or the popular vote, therefore giving her a valid shot at the nomination. If there is a split between the winner of the delegates and popular vote, there will be certain disaster. Flashbacks of Bush v. Gore, the campaign and the unconstitutional court case haunt me and should haunt you. The idea that this type of scenario could be repeated within the Democratic Party is disturbing.

I’ve said that Senator Clinton should get out of the race and that any other candidate facing Senator Obama’s success would have done so by now. Certainly s it her right to stay in the race until a nominee is declared. Furthermore, if she believes she is the best choice for the nation, it is her duty.

My only hope: PA voters yesterday voted for Clinton, yet an exit poll showed 55% of voters thought she would not be the eventual nominee. Next up: Indiana. Go Hoosiers!


2 Responses to “Reaction to PA Primary”

  1. m dot April 23, 2008 at 6:20 pm #

    while i agree that the drawn out primary process is resulting in an increase in participation, it is getting on my nerves, and exposing too many vulnerabilities within the democratic party as we roll toward nov.

    however, if the primary stopped last month, then we’d just be stuck in a steeple chase-style race to the bloody end.

    i don’t know. i’m with keisha cole on this one: “i just want it to be over”

    thanks for coming by my blog. i’ll be sure to check yours on the regular with your multiple posts in one day. dang. *wink*

  2. Christopher Wink April 23, 2008 at 7:25 pm #

    While I sway towards John McCain now, I’m certainly not limiting the possibility of going elsewhere with my vote. I truly try to support whomever is the President.

    That said, it seems like national Republicans have run at least the last two presidential elections under the premise of allowing the Democrats to implode.

    In the way that President Bush has become the scourge of so many, this election cycle should be a god damned cake walk for whichever Democratic candidate gets the nod, but right now it isn’t feeling that way, is it?

    The thought has always been that the DNC loves the extensive primary because it strengthens their candidates but that sure hasn’t been the case since… the 1980s?

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