How to Have Success That Wins

29 Apr

Ray: Who doesn’t want to be a winner? Winners get the fame, glory, money, power, and respect that comes from having the Number 1 spot. Winners get the trophies, their name etched in the history books, and opportunities to do things that only winners can do. Therefore it’s easy to understand why so many people want to become winners, and here’s how you can do it:

Pay attention to the Equestrian Race. A group of horses run around a mile-long race track in a mad dash to cross the finish line. It’s a close race and three of the horses are neck-and-neck, heading down the final stretch to the finish line. At the last second, one of the horses stretches out to win the race, literally by a nose! The horse then trots over to the Winners Circle and enjoys all of the benefits that come with success.

So what did we learn from this story?

The first thing you should notice is that the horse that won the race and received all of the benefits that come with being Number 1 only won by a nose. There was no great difference between the horse that won it all, and the other horse that came in second place. The difference is that the horse that won it all gets 10 times the prize money than the horse that won second.

Does this mean that the horse was 10 times better? Does this mean that the horse was twice as fast or twice as smart? No. The champion horse was only better by a nose. But the difference in success is enormous.

For humans, this is often the case when comparing our success to that of others. The differences between those who have success and those that find it hard to succeed are often times very small. Most of the time, it just means that those of us who are trying to achieve that winning edge have to develop a few more winning habits, read a few more books, go to a few weekend seminars, take a couple of classes, acquire a few more skills, and stretch their nose a little bit further.

Everyone is capable of achieving success because we aren’t that different from one another. We’re all just a few steps away from being the horse that wins. Keep pushing yourself to succeed and always do the little things can make the difference between being a champion, or fading in with the pack.

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