A Blind Man Bowls a Perfect Game?

9 May

Ray: A blind man in Iowa bowled a perfect game, which means he received a score of 300. It’s hard enough for anyone to bowl a 300 game with 20/20 vision, let alone no vision at all. This is obviously amazing but it’s even more spectacular for the 5 following reasons:

  1. Seth couldn’t bowl a perfect game if there was only 1 pin and it was 5 feet away from him.
  2. The only 300 that Seth dreams about was a film staring half naked muscular men fighting in a war 3,000 years ago.
  3. If bowling was a sport where all one had to do was take a shower daily, Seth would still suck.
  4. My 6 year-old cousin could beat Seth in a bowling match.
  5. It’s impossible for Seth to bowl because he has had a life-long problem of not having any balls.

Me on the other hand, I’ll take on all challengers. Meet me at the lanes, it’s going down…


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