How to be Successful While Dealing with Frustration

14 May

Ray: Success is measured in different ways by different people. As for me, success was achieving any goal(s) that I set for myself. I was someone that you would call, ‘goal oriented’.

There are many people who place themselves in a similar category. We are a very determined group of people and have grown to become so after achieving some levels of success in our past. But recently, I came to realize that this same group of people often suffer from character issues that you normally would not assume develop in successful people.

After speaking with many of my peers, I realized that we have all experienced periods of depression or extreme frustration. We feel lonely, lost, confused, and unsure of our next steps in life. The success that we are so hungry for seems so grow more and more distant. What’s worse is that we don’t know how to stop these trends from continuing.

It is at this point that we have to stop thinking, relax, and put everything into perspective.

I began correcting my mentality by figuring out the source of my problems. I used to think it was everyone and everything else that was causing my problems. I thought that certain people were standing in the way of my success or that certain situations were so unfavorable to me that there would no way possible for me to succeed unless things changed. But as I dug deeper, it became apparent that those people and those circumstances were not the problem. The problem at the time, was with my philosophy on life.

Jay-Z once said, “There’s nothing wrong with my aim; just gotta change the target.” How true is that for most of us who are experiencing extreme frustration? You know that you have what it takes to make it, so why aren’t you making it? Perhaps you are aiming at the wrong target as I was.

Instead of targeting people and circumstances as the root of my problems, I should have targeted myself. The same desire that pushed me towards wanting to be successful is the same desire that drove me to depression and frustration. My focus had become perverted in a sense, because my desire to make something of myself had somehow caused me to lose faith in everything I was doing. Thus, the need for perspective.

If you really think about it, you are never that far away from making the next step. At the same time, you also need to recognize that you can be extremely far away from your end destination. My focus on the destination is what frustrated me and lead me to lose confidence in my abilities. The fact is, we’re extremely capable taking steps towards our goals, but it’s almost impossible and unnecessary for us to leap there in a short amount of time.

By focusing on the next steps, we learn to value our time by the minute. We develop an appreciation for where we are and what we have now, because it will be used to get us what we want and where we want to go.We also learn to develop patience but at the same time, perfect our work ethic.

I’ve learned that success is a daily habit, not necessarily an end goal. The development of patience has allowed me to enjoy my days once again and be less demanding of the people closest to me. Circumstances will always change which is why we should pay even more attention to the decisions right in front of us.

Our destiny will take care of itself, but we have to take care of ‘right now’. Keep planting the seeds that will eventually bring you prosperity, but never lose an opportunity to enjoy each day and the people around you. After all, nothing lasts forever so do what really matters while you can.


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