Raysean Hearts Bill

15 May

Seth: Raysean ♥ Bill. I guess I can understand why Raysean loves this guy. Not really, but this recently came out and I think it’s hilarious. The guy is a bully on his show, talks down to people, and just has a sour attitude about things he disagrees with. Check him out here, back in the day.

For the record, I find the left’s version of Bill (Olbermann) equally as distasteful.


Ray: Don’t worry Bill. I understand how you can become frustrated at the ineptitude of your colleagues. I mean, how will people ever know that they suck at their jobs unless it is explained to them? I think what you did was good for those folks. You probably helped them become aware of their mistakes and discouraged them from making those mistakes again. You are still a great American in my eyes and I encourage everyone to watch your show on Fox News Channel or catch your radio show on AM radio.

Sean Hannity is still a stan, but Bill is ok in my book.


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