Congratulations Graduates of Temple University

22 May

Seth: Both Raysean and I are graduates of Temple University, an institution we regard in the highest echelon of higher education. Today, 6,019 undergrads and 1,822 grad students will be awarded their hard-earned degrees. Raysean and I salute you all. To our friends and former colleagues from all corners of the University, your success is truly special to us. We’ve met some of the smartest, most creative people at Temple and to those of you we call friends, we wish you special success in your future endeavors.

Some stats on this graduating class:

Temple’s class of 2008

Total graduates: 8,667

Male graduates: 3,780

Female graduates: 4,897

Number of countries represented: 85

Number of states represented: 49 (only North Dakota is not represented)

Graduates who reported their ethnicity as something other than white: 2,278

Youngest graduating student (undergraduate): 19 years old

Oldest graduating student (undergraduate): 69 years old

Oldest graduating student (graduate): 72 years old

Graduates who received financial aid: 4,256

Graduates who were varsity athletes: 110

Let this be a true commencement as your journey through the gateway to your dreams. Stop short at nothing but the pinnacle of your ability; a place that you will surely search for until your final rest. Know that you are about to enter territory that is unchartered for you. It is your job to master it and make it your own.

Ray: Just wanted to throw in a congratulations to anyone graduating from college anywhere. This is a major accomplishment for you and we wish you all the success that comes with a higher education!


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