Is the World in the worst state EVER?

25 May

Ray: Now, I would like to present you with thoughts considering the real state of the world. Keep in mind that these thoughts are more than 30 years old. These thoughts belong to Mr. Will Durant and the following is an excerpt from The Greatest Minds and Ideas of All Time:

Will Durant: We think there is more violence in the world than before, but in truth there are only more newspapers; vast and powerful organizations scour the planet for crimes and scandals that will console their readers for stenography and monogamy; and all the villainy and politics of five continents are gathered upon one page for the encouragement of our breakfasts.

We conclude that half the world is killing the other half and that a large proportion of the remainder are committing suicide. But in the streets, in our homes, in public assemblies, in a thousand vehicles of transportation, we are astonished to find no murderers and no suicides, but rather a blunt democratic courtesy, and an unpretentious chivalry a hundred times more real than when men mouthed chivalric phrases, enslaved their women, and ensured the fidelity of their wives with irons while they fought for Christ in the Holy Land.

Ray: This is just a small example of what you can expect from reading this book. I strongly recommend it for anyone interested in developing a perspective on their place in history. It’s a good read.

Ray’s Rating: Will Durant, The Greatest Minds and Ideas of All Time5 Brains


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