A Woman to be Desired

27 May

Seth: I wrote this August 6, 2004. I looked this over and agree with this completely. Moreover I am happy that my current girlfriend meets these “requirements.” And to think at the time, folks didn’t think I would find a woman to meet my high standards.

“A wife of noble character is her husband’s crown, but a disgraceful wife is like decay in his bones.” -Proverbs 12:4

After reading a similar post by a young lady, I decided to outline the characteristics a woman must have for me to consider her for companionship. The list is incomplete, in no particular order (except #1), and is always subject to change as I mature and begin to understand more about what I want, and what I need. Here goes:

-first and most important she must know, love, and obey God. she should be on a path of spiritual development comparable to mine own.
-she must come into the good graces of my mother, preferably my sisters as well.
-she must be able to effectively communicate her feelings
-she must be mature
-her friends must be mature and God-fearing
-she must by hygenic
-she must be mentally stable, and free from unclean spirits
-she must take pride in her appearance
-she must not be conceited
-she must have attainable, challenging goals
-she must be passionate about something
-she must be doing something productive with her life
-she must have manners
-she must share some similar interests with me
-she must have a sense of humor, and appreciate (and tolerate) mine
-she must always try to be my number one supporter
-she must act like a lady when the situation requires it
-she must not use profanity (allowances can be made in extreme circumstances)
-she must have mature friends
-she must be rationally-minded
-she must not be overly-critical
-she must not be promiscuous, or even sexually active
-she must not engage in the use of drugs (tobacco included)
-she must not be an alcoholic, or borderline
-she must like to hold hands
-she must not be prissy
-she must be of good upbringing
-she must have some skills in the kitchen, or be willing to learn
-she must acnkowledge my role as the man of the house as stipulated in the Bible
-she must acknowledge her role as stipulated in the Bible
-she must be articulate
-she must challenge me to develop spiritually
-she must like having fun, and being spontaneous
-she must enjoy my company
-she must not be clingy
-she must know how to take care of her man
-she must set high standards
-she must not be jealous
-she must be secure in her position
-she must be fly


One Response to “A Woman to be Desired”

  1. m dot May 27, 2008 at 6:14 pm #

    she must be articulate? what are you trying to say here…??? Hmmmm????


    hahahaha. oh my goodness. i crack myself up!

    m dot

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