Should Obama pick Hillary as the Vice President?

5 Jun

Ray: No. We spoke about this earlier when we discussed Barack Obama’s considerations for a VP. I think that Hillary Clinton for VP is a bad idea and here’s why:

  • The VP must obey the orders of the President. There is no power sharing. It’s a job and Obama would be the boss. Do you really think Hillary would be cool in that position?
  • Obama needs a VP with more experience and special knowledge of foreign affairs.
  • Obama needs a strong leader from the South to compete in the Red States.
  • Obama needs a VP that has more conservative views than his own.
  • Obama doesn’t need to wake up and hear news about something Bill Clinton is doing to damage or undermine Obama’s administration.
  • Finally, Hillary Clinton would be much better off becoming a powerful voice in the Senate where she could actually do work that she wants to do.

But, I could be wrong (although there’s no actual record of that ever happening). What do you think?


One Response to “Should Obama pick Hillary as the Vice President?”

  1. batguano101 June 5, 2008 at 7:48 pm #

    Obama does not have enough life insurance to have Hillary as VP.

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