Happy Juneteenth

19 Jun

Ray: I realize that many people have no clue what Juneteenth is but fear not, that’s what Seth and Ray’s Blog is for; we make you smarter. So here it is…

Juneteenth is the oldest nationally celebrated commemoration of the ending of slavery in the United States. It was originally celebrated in Galveston, Texas in 1865. Ever since then, June 19th has been celebrated as the African American Emancipation Day. Although it is not a national holiday, it is widely accepted through out the world as a day of special recognition of Freedom.

Although the Emancipation Proclamation (an executive order issued by President Abraham Lincoln that declared the Freedom of all African Slaves) was issued on September 22nd, 1862 (My birthday!!!), the afffects of the law didn’t reach the South until June 19, 1865. On that day Union General Gordon Granger and 2,000 federal troops arrived in Galveston, Texas to take possession of the state and enforce the emancipation of its slaves.

In the words of the late, great Christopher Wallace, “If you don’t know, now you know.”


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