No Freedom of Speech for Don Imus?

24 Jun

Ray: I don’t have much to say, but what I do say needs to be taken seriously.

Don Imus isn’t racist. It is extremely disappointing to see our “black leaders” once again show up on Fox News and embarrass all black people. At first, I didn’t mind Al Sharpton doing whatever it is that Al Sharpton does. But now, I’ve reached my tipping point with him and his cronies playing the “black card” every single chance they get.

Don Imus, and every other person in the United States of America is entitled to free speech as long as it doesn’t threaten the life of another person. It is very reasonable for private organizations to police themselves when it comes to what their employees are allowed to say, but I don’t understand the hypocrisy that is so blatantly prevalent in this case.

Allow me to be honest for a second.

Most black people don’t consider themselves racist and I would agree with them. But the black people I know (and I know many) consistently use language that would be considered politically incorrect. I know many black people that consistently stereotype Whites and other nationalities, sometimes for fun and sometimes out of ignorance. But if one White person says something remotely close to sounding racists, there are a legion of Blacks who are ready to call for that person’s job, freedom, or even life.

We have to stop lying to ourselves. It is not wise to expect something from others that we are not willing to do ourselves. Don Imus isn’t hurting Black America. Bill O’Reilly isn’t hurting Black America. Sean Hannity isn’t hurting Black America. They have every right to express their opinions because we live in America. Every American is afforded the privileges outlined in the Bill of Rights. If we try to take it from others, are we willing to take it from ourselves? And by shutting down Don Imus, are we really addressing the underlying pains of historical racism that obviously are still present?

Shut down rap music before you shut down Don Imus. Let Racism and Hypocrisy Die. Let Honesty Live. And Let Freedom Ring.


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