Ray’s Workout Resolution

25 Jun

Ray: Most people usually reserve setting these types of goals for New Year resolutions, but I think that the present day is always a great time to improve yourself. With that said, a healthy mind needs a healthy body. One of my life’s goals is to be healthy and look healthy. That would require a complete lifestyle change from my historical health habits. This can only be accomplished by developing healthy eating habits and executing a proper workout plan.

I’m no expert on the subject, but I have a great idea on what I need to do to achieve my goal. One of the first obstacles I need to overcome is getting my body fat percentage in the 10-14% range (or better). Body Fat is responsible for hiding any muscles that you might have. For example: you can do all of the sit-ups and crunches that you want, but if you have too much body fat, then your 6-pack will be buried under a layer of blubber. That sucks.

The best ways to attack body fat are by increasing the among of cardio work-outs that you do. This means running a few miles, riding a bike, or playing a high speed sport at least 3 days a week for 45 minutes. You will also want to adopt a weight training program because muscle burns fat even when you’re not working out. Your ultimate goal is to burn far more calories than you consume each week. By creating that deficit in calories, you can decrease your body fat percentage in a healthy way.

For the skinny people who are trying to tighten up and tone their body, you won’t need as much cardio but you will definitely want to develop a resistance training program. This can involve exercises such as push-ups, pull-ups, dips, squats, crunches, and many other exercises that don’t involve heavy lifting.

The those of you who are trying to bulk-up and put on more muscle mass, the magic word for you is protein. You will want to consume high levels of protein and lift heavier weights while doing fewer repetitions. Just think “eat and lift”.

No matter what your goal is, you should consult a professional trainer on a specific program that works for you. But just to give you an idea, here’s my program:


  • Consume no more than 2,000 calories on a daily basis
  • Avoid fast-food at all costs!
  • Eat 3 servings of fruit for breakfast
  • Oatmeal, Fish, Salad (no dressing), or Vegetables for Lunch
  • Yogurt, fruit, or vegetables for afternoon snack
  • Avoid meat if possible. Consume a 400-500 Calorie mean for dinner
  • 14 Cups of Water each day, no soda or beverage over 50 calories!


Monday: Treadmill for 20 minutes. Work shoulders, back, legs, and abs.

Tuesday: Treadmill for 45 minutes or Swim for an hour.

Wednesday: Treadmill for 20 minutes. Chest, arms, and abs.

Thursday: Relax

Friday: Chest, arms, legs, abs, and BASKETBALL until I’m exhausted.

Saturday: 8AM – 12Noon Basketball. Evening: agility workout.

Sunday: 7:30-9:00AM – Basketball. 9:30-12Noon – 5.4 Mile hike, abs.

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One Response to “Ray’s Workout Resolution”

  1. Mincir sainement July 7, 2008 at 4:52 pm #

    Your program is too drastic for me: this is like running a marathon.

    I sincerely wish you plenty of Courage!


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