What in the Rush Limbaugh?!!!!

2 Jul

Ray: The man who never met a Democrat that he didn’t hate is apparently the recipient one of the greatest employment deals of all time. According the the Drudge Report, Rush has inked a deal worth $400 MILLION dollars along with a G550 Private Jet.

After hearing about this deal, it’s all starting to make sense. Rush’s hatred for Barack Obama has increased with every dollar that he is scheduled to receive. Why? Because Barack hates the Bush tax cuts and actually wants wealthy Americans to pay “their fair share” of the tax burden. This would force rush to see more than $100 Million dollars of that money go straight to Uncle Same, and into Cousin Seth’s next stimulus package.

Rush Limbaugh has the highest rated shows with Clear Channel and Premiere Radio. Although politically conservative, the words that come out of his mouth are far from it. We all thought he was being racist when he said that Black quarterbacks like Donovan McNab of the Philadelphia Eagles were not as good as their white counterparts. I now see that it just a stunt that was part of the $400 Million Dollar plan. Wow.


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