How to Overcome Fear

3 Jul

Ray: In 1933, Franklin D. Roosevelt once said that, “We have nothing to fear, but fear itself.” He made this statement during his first inaugural address as the 32nd President of the United States of America. If FDR, who was arguably the greatest President we have ever had, felt the need to convince an entire nation that fear can and should be overcome, what is it about fear that we should all be concerned about?

Many people fear many different things, but fear is the same to all of us. It will make us hesitant or outright stop us from doing certain things. Sometimes, fear saves our lives by preventing us from engaging in hazardous activities. Other times, it prevents us from experiencing those things which can add to value to our lives.

In any event, I do not believe that people should succumb to the temptation of fear. Instead, we should seek to better understand those things which we fear. Here are a few common fears and reasons as to why we should overcome them:

  • Public Speaking: Prepare your message and deliver it because you might have the words that change lives. Imagine if Martin Luther Kind Jr. was afraid to speak in crowds. Imagine if Thomas Jefferson was afraid to debate his peers during the creation of this great nation. Imagine what you could accomplish if you could stand and deliver your message. Just do it.
  • Death: Death is inevitable. It is guaranteed for anything that lives. It’s always hard when a loved one passes away, but coping with our own death is something that many people fear. Personally, I believe in Heaven and Hell and I believe that my faith in God will provide me a safe passage to Heaven. However, I still suffered from the fear of death. I have since learned that the best way to overcome the fear of death is to find something in life that you would be willing to die for. I have done that and I am no longer afraid of death and dying.
  • Love: People who have been in love and have had their hearts broken are justifiably afraid of Love. Love is a powerful emotion that pays no attention to the laws of rationality and reason. But to fear loving and being loved is to deprive oneself of one of God’s greatest gifts to mankind. Spending your life loving others will provide many more great times than spending your life guarding yourself from pain. If you have to encounter love and pain, why not spend more time having love in your life?
  • Failure: Many people suffer from the fear of failure because it exposes many of our weaknesses. You begin to wonder if you’re not strong enough, smart enough, pretty enough, or capable of reaching any of your goals. However, failure isn’t meant to be used a tool of torture. Because our weaknesses are exposed by a failure, we are able to better recognize those aspects of our lives which we need to improve. God allows us to fail so that we can see exactly what we need to do in order to become stronger, smarter, wiser, and ultimately successful individuals. Never be afraid to try, but always be afraid to not try.

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