Why I Love The Game

11 Jul

Ray: I said it once before and I’ll say it again; I love hip hop. I often complain about what it has become today, but I still love it as an expression of art. The Game is one of my favorite rappers of all time. Not just because I love his music, but because I love what he brings to hip hop. This is the personality that made hip hop what it is today. Hip hop has been great for providing a voice to people who might not otherwise have an opportunity to express themselves to the world. It can be fun, real, fake, emotional, heartless, stupid, or pure genius just like any other art form in existence.

When I saw this video on illseed.com, I had to post it. Check it out..


2 Responses to “Why I Love The Game”

  1. daniela July 11, 2008 at 9:11 pm #

    As much as I enjoy and respect your point of view, I believe that your self-proclaimed love for the Game is unfathomable. Yes, he has a colorful personality–what I like to refer to as his baffoonery! Exhibit A: His insightful thoughts on wearing Blood Diamonds (please Google it). Lyrically, has potential. Initially, I was a fan. Saw raw talent and looked forward to see his growth as an artist. However, since his debut I still see him as someone far from Mastering his identity as a rapper. Lastly, I’ll pull the Republican card by saying that he’s John Kerry-ing it…flip flopping. One minute he’s for one thing and the next, he’s opposed. In conclusion, I cannot take anyone like that seriously and hold him in such high regard.

  2. sethandray July 15, 2008 at 3:54 pm #

    I understand what you mean about Game’s bizarre character. The truth is, that’s part of the package that you get when you’re dealing with artists. If you want someone to be creative and give your their best, you also have to give them the freedom to have these types of lifestyles.

    Also, it may be that I see alot of myself in The Game. Like, I see him as someone that came from a street life and was expected to be killed at an early age. In fact, that almost happened. But instead of stopping there, he worked hard, perfected a craft, and made himself a truly great rapper.

    I’m not defending all of his actions just I can’t defend all of mine. I’m just saying that I understand him and where he’s coming from. And you can’t deny is love for hip hop as a way of life. Most of this stuff is just a facade created to sell records. Gangster rap is musical version of a Hollywood action flick. I’m just saying, he’s much deeper and I can totally dig that.

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