Love Isn’t Perfect

12 Jul

Ray: Love is great. Love is beautiful. Love makes life worth living. Love puts a smile on your face and makes you forget about all the nonsense in the world. Love prioritizes your attention and consumes your mind. It makes you drunker than any amount of liquor you could ever consume. It’s gets your higher than any drug that you could ever inject into your system. In makes you nicer to people at work. It makes your friends wonder what’s gotten into you. It makes R&B songs make sense to you. It gives you butterflies in your stomach. It makes you want to work harder to become a better person. It makes you want to do all that you can to please another person. It makes your forget about your friends. It makes you forget about your enemies. It makes you thank God for having a beautiful life alongside a beautiful person to share it with. It gives you hope for a better tomorrow. It makes you fearless and eases your pain. It is the power than can conquer the world. But Love isn’t perfect.

Love can betray you. Love can stab you in the back. Love can leave you desperate and confused. Love can shatter your hopes. Love can make you angry for no reason. Love can create enemies. Love can drive you to loneliness. Love can leave you fearful to ever love again. Love can hurt worse than any physical injury. Love can cause physical injury. Love can make you hate yourself. Love can make you question God and his purpose for your life. Love can make you hate your job. Love can sometimes never reach its full potential. Love can end friendships. It can make you regret every word that you just said. It can induce you to make inebriated phone calls. Love can cost you a lot of money. And in today’s society, love can ruin your credit! Love can haunt you when you are trying to sleep. Love will have that stupid song stuck in your head all day. Love will make you hate seeing happy couples. Love will make you Love someone that doesn’t love you! Love will screw you up in the head and impair your judgment. Love will make you crazy.

Love is everything. Love is life. Love isn’t perfect, but Love always comes back for more…


3 Responses to “Love Isn’t Perfect”

  1. Anonymous July 16, 2008 at 2:22 pm #

    Your definition of love makes it sound a bit idealistic and pessimistic. Love is respect, sacrifice, doing the little and simple things, being considerate, honest and real. love is the strength you find inside yourself when you decide to get up and try again. Love never leaves you desperate and confused, that’s infatuation. Love never shatters your hopes, but supports and gives them life. Love does not end friendship, but maintains them.
    But you’re right to say that it is everything. Love is life. Love isn’t perfect…and loves knows its boundaries to love without ever becoming an encumbrance…
    Anything else is just a distorted perception of love,
    but this is just my opinion.
    Hope you’re having a good week.

  2. sethandray July 16, 2008 at 2:35 pm #

    I think we’re both right. I agree with you for the most part. But just to play D.A.:

    Let’s say a woman has a husband that she’s loved for years, has a family with, and tries her best to be a great wife. But he goes out and cheats on her, ruins their finances, and pays no attention to his duties as a husband, does love not play somewhat of a negative role in this scenario?

    I am by no means an authority on the subject of love. I fact, I wrote this based on what I was feeling at the after a few drinks (no shame in my game). I just think that love isn’t all perfect and peachy all the time. Sometimes love can blind people or make them endure much more pain than they normally would for anyone else.

    But that’s just my opinion.

    – Ray

  3. Anonymous July 18, 2008 at 2:13 am #

    Love does not play a negative role in this scenario, Ray. The husband does.
    As for the woman, she doesn’t have to stop loving this man to forgive him and leave him. Everyone makes mistakes but if a man doesn’t respect you enough to be honest, chances are he doesn’t love you anyways. (either that or he’s got a lot to learn). One thing I do know is that love is a humbling experience.

    -keep up the interesting topics. I enjoy reading them.

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