This is the Day of Seth’s Birth

14 Jul

Ray: Today is Seth’s Birthday. He’s one year older. One year further from birth and yet, one year closer to death. Haha. I wasn’t there for his birth and I haven’t known him all of my life. In fact, he’s only been relevant to me for about 5 years.

I met Seth the same night that I met Jonathan Kozol. We were both a part of Temple’s Main Campus Program Board’s Lectures Series. We went to a dinner together to meet up with Mr. Kozol before he was schedule to speak. I didn’t care about Seth at all during that time, but he spoke proper English and I respected him for that.

At some point, we bacame co-chairs for the Lectures series. That wasn’t enough so I became President of MCPB and he became adviser #1 while serving as co-chair of the Lectures series. That wasn’t enough so I became the Student Body President and Seth became President of Main Campus Program Board. Through the course of those 3 years, we accomplished a great deal on campus. Most importantly, we progressed as men and as leaders.

Today, Seth is just as much of a major influence in my life as ever. Although he hasn’t grown in height, I’ve seen him grow closer to God, country, family, and friends. I have nothing but respect for this guy and I know that the world is a better place because of him. Well, maybe not. But we love him anyways.

Happy Birthday Boyyyyyyyyyyy.


One Response to “This is the Day of Seth’s Birth”

  1. nativenotes July 15, 2008 at 1:16 pm #

    im late… happy born day

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