Buying the New Nas Album? Watch This First!

16 Jul

Ray: We knew that Nas’s new album Untitled was originally titled Nigger. Imagine what would have happened at record stores around the nation when fans the of the great rapper walked in to buy the album. hmmmmmmmm….


One Response to “Buying the New Nas Album? Watch This First!”

  1. Victor Manzueta July 17, 2008 at 8:36 am #

    Nas is an intellectual. He knew giving his album such a controversial title was going to shock the masses. 10 out of 10..that was his intent. I’m positive that the explanation and justification for that title is within his lyrics. Therefore true fans of the artist (nas) & the art (hip hop) would be capable oflooking beyond the controversy and evaluating the message that was trying to be convied. In my opinion, critics of the original album title are most likely critics of the genre as a whole. Their opinions shouldn’t even matter.

    “…do you fools listen to music..or do you just skim through it??..”

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