Who’s Repping You?

16 Jul

Seth: 53% of Americans over 30 vote, yet only 25% of those are 18-25. I can’t be sure, but I think a great deal of this blog’s readers fall in the 18-25 age range. With that in mind, Ray and I are continuing our quest (a la the Temple Factor) to increase participation in our political process and are issuing The Challenge to End Apathy. The first step to ending this apathy and lack of participation is to know who’s on the ballot and who’s in public office.

The news media would have us believe that in this particular year, there is an excitement about the political process that has not existed for a few generations. I can say that more people I talk to seem interested in what’s going on than before, but I don’t know if this is true across the board. In any case, I am more certain that interest in the presidential election may not also move “down-ballot,” that is to the local contests.

Democratic party officials are excited about Barack Obama because it is assumed that he will help these down-ballot candidates win. That’s because generally a voter unfamiliar with other races will vote for the full party slate. A less popular candidate might bring out less voters to help these local contests.

Step 1: Visit the website of your representatives in Congress. If you are unsure who your House member is, go to www.house.gov and either select the “Search by Zip Code” option at the top left or by name/state under the white search box in the middle of the top banner. For your Senators, visit www.senate.gov and use the “Find Your Senator” tool at the top right of the home page. Peruse their sites, learn what they’re working on and what they’ve done. Contact information is provided, so if you’re really bold and committed, take a trip to their local office in your area, or even in Washington. Check back soon for Step 2.


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