Barack Obama’s Fight Against Terrorism

21 Jul

Ray: Fighting the war on terrorism is something that the next President will have no choice but to do. Both John McCain and Barack Obama have proposed plans that they believe would end the war on terrorism. The major difference in both plans happens to be Iraq.

Barack Obama wants to exit Iraq and take the fight over to the mountains of Afghanistan. He wants 2 or 3 more soldier brigades on the ground in Afghanistan and a safe exit out of Iraq in 16 months. In fact, his exit strategy is one of the major points in his campaign that has millions of American’s supporting his bid for the presidency.

John McCain has been a staunch supporter of the troop surge in Iraq and believes in staying the course there. I honestly can’t see much of an exit strategy in the McCain plan, but I do see an entrance strategy into a war with Iran. McCain is not gun shy and in my opinion, exudes a sense of hubris when dealing with nations that disagree with Western philosophy. But these are just my opinions.

This past week, Barack Obama made a trip to the Middle East to discuss with leaders in the region his plans to fight the war on terrorism if he were to be elected President of the United States. You won’t see this clip on American television but I think it gives a good insight to what is taking place on the ground there.


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