The Meaning of Life According to Jason Williams

25 Feb

Jason Williams

Ray: Jason is a really good friend of mine. I’ve known him for about 15 years. He has a very interesting view on many things and wanted to share with the blog his thoughts on life. So here they are…

Jason: Why am I here? To be or to not to be? Is life meaningless? These are just some of the questions that have perplexed man throughout the ages.

I remember back during my senior year in high school in Bible class, our first semester was covering the meaning of life. To make along story-short, my teacher asserted, “Your lowest point is your greatest cathedral”. In other words, when one is in the mist of adversity, and hardship it induces humility, willness to learn, and growth. So think of some of the low points you’ve experienced in life that have elevated your level of thinking and contributed to your well-being.  Did life become much more meaningful? Did you somehow call on a higher power? When you are stubborn,close minded, and just caught up in living, you miss out on the bigger picture. But a “low-point” circumstance can give you a glimpse of it.

There is a song called, “Riddle” by Five For Fighting. The whole song is conversational and asks the philosophical question: what’s the reason for us being here? I find it interesting in the bridge where  he sings, “Were all we got in this bouncing ball and I love you free…”. Basically, we are duty bound, if you will, to serve, and love each other because we’re all we got. That’s a given. How can we except to love and submit to something greater than ourselves if you cant love someone who our your equal? Thus the importance of humanity.

Contrary to popular and dogmatic belief, I don’t think God is proactive or consistently intervening in our existence. I like to use the following analogy: Think of God as a Software programmer and the entire universe as a computer. God writes millions of programs, giving each it’s own unique functionality. The catch is, God just lets the programs run and figure out its purpose. To break things down, we are all programed or preordained with a destiny and a purpose. It is our duty to seek and find that which we have been encrypted with. We must help out other programs to find their way, by showing them love, compassion, and what we have learned. All programs are very similar, so once you figure out how your programs functions, you can help the next one. Starting to get the picture?

At any rate, we must tap into the universe and synchronize with our programs(destiny), for this is what brings meaning to life. As much as we are here to serve a higher power, we are also here to serve each other. When man kind works together, things become meaningful.

Riddle by Five For Fighting


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