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Jazmine Sullivan – Live a Lie

5 May

Ray: Another great song from a very underrated artist. Jazmine Sullivan is far from a new act, but I don’t think her type of authenticity and song writing is appreciated enough in today’s sex driven and ignorance laden music market. Check more of her stuff out when you get a chance:


Musée du Louvre

12 Mar

Ray: Americans are known for being pretty ignorant of anything that goes on outside the Unites States. Fight it as we may, it’s pretty true. I’m willing to admit that I knew nothing of Musée du Louvre until I saw Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons. There was a scene when the main character was running around Paris looking for a key object that may have been buried under a glass pyramid. The pyramid looked so intriguing in the movie that I had to look it up. Thus, Musée du Louvre.

According to several sources, the Musée du Louvre is the most visited museum on earth.  It truly is a glorious museum with over 35,000 pieces located over 650,000 square feet. Besides that fact that it holds world famous pieces like Leonardo’s “Mona Lisa”, the other thing that intrigued me was the building’s history. Musée du Louvre was originally a fortress built by French king Phillip II in the late 12th Century (sometime between 1180 and 12oo). However it was the famous King Louis XIV who first decided to use the fortress as a place to store collectibles. Finally, Musée du Louvre became a museum during the French Revolution to showcase the nation’s treasures.

Anyways, I’m sure you can find out much more in person. I just wanted to pique your interest. See you in Paris!

Redd Foxx Philosophy

22 Feb

Ray: I respect Redd Foxx for being who he was, when he was, and where he was. The man was fearless. His style of comedy emboldened other black comedians to venture off into other forms of comedy that weren’t always at the expense of Black culture. Think what you will of Redd Foxx, but there is no doubt that he changed the image of Blacks in Entertainment and gave confidence to an ever growing movement of equality and respect for everyone. Here’s a taste:


Lupe Fiasco – I’m Beaming

20 Feb

Lupe Fiasco

Ray: This is what happens when a genius rapper gets with a genius production team. For the record, in my opinion Lupe Fiasco is the best rapper at this point in time. He has libraries of mix tape music to prove my point. Even when the mainstream fell in love with Lil Wayne, Lupe was still more thoughtful, coherent, and meaningful. Just youtube all his songs and listen to the words, wordplay, delivery, and originality. Nobody’s touching this guy.

The Talented Jamie Foxx

10 Feb

Ray: I’m only posting this because I love Jamie Foxx and I wish he’d do more acts on the piano. Here’s why:

What Ever Happened to D’Angelo?

9 Feb


Real name, Michael Eugene Archer. But far as we’re concerned, his name is D’Angelo. One of the rare artists who can write, sing, and perform his own music (on many instruments). A true gift to music fans everywhere. He has one of those voices that you can’t easily forget about. Although many will compare him to Prince (and rightfully so), his style of music is utterly different from many of his predecessors.

D’Angelo is a product of Virginia, a state who also claims major artists such as Timbaland, Missy, the Neptunes, the Clipse, and my beloved Amerie (along with a host of other artists).  D’Angelo is formerly categorized as an R&B or Neo Soul artist. It’s hard to believe this his first album Brown Sugar dropped waaaay back in 1995. That classic album is full of hits like,  “Brown Sugar”. “Lady”, and “Me and Those Dreamy Eyes of Mine”.  Although the album never had #1 status, it ended up selling more than 2 Million copies.

Fast forward 5 years to the year 2000 when D’Angelo released his second album Voodoo. This album did end up going #1 in the US and sold 1 Million copies. More importantly, I believe this album captures a man at the peak of his musical creativity. Although album sales can largely be attributed to a very risky video (as seen below), people who listened to each song were treated to an explosion of sound, soul, and passion. Voodoo is one of my favorite albums of all time. That’s why it was saddening to learn of D’Angelo’s alcohol and/or drug abuse issues following the release of this classic album.

D’Angelo has appeared on several songs since releasing Voodoo back in 2000 but has not released another album. Rumor has it that there is another album in the works but many are unsure if it will ever be released. Nonetheless, the music that has come out over the years is as potent today as it ever was. We miss D’Angelo.

– Ray



“Africa (Acoustic Version)”

Swizz Beats – Part of the Plan

28 May

Ray: I really like this song from Swizz Beats. Although his album, One Man Band Man, didn’t sell too well, that doesn’t take away from quality work. I think this is quality work. Not to mention the sample is from my favorite band of all time, Coldplay. Check it out…

Ray’s Rating – 3 Brains